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Rental vouchers: Assistance with a portion of a guest's rent in times of financial difficulty.

Medical vouchers: Prescription assistance for those without medical coverage

Representative payees: Budgetary assistance for guests receiving disability payments, who have been deemed unable to manage their own finances.

Hygiene closet: Shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other toiletries donated to the House through the generosity of others, for those in need.

Transportation assistance: Bus passes and single ride tickets for homeless individuals, enabling them to get to meal sites, shelters and medical appointments.

Emergency assistance: Help obtaining IDs, birth certificates, baby supplies and other essential items.

Counseling, crisis intervention: Compassionate listening of a guest's problems, and offers of assistance in any way possible.

Emergency telephone: Telephone use for guests to call potential landlords, employers, physicians and other important contacts.

Referrals: Contact information for additional needs such as furniture, utility assistance and mental health treatment.


McAuley House Art Program

Art program: A local artist and therapist meets weekly with guests, who express themselves through drawing, painting and sculpting. Donated food, flowers and music set the scene for our annual art show in February, "From the Heart," at which the artwork is displayed and sold to the public. Proceeds benefit the artists and programming.

Afternoon Activities Program: In a partnership program with Riverwood Mental Health Services, McAuley House provides meaningful day activities after lunch until 4 p.m., including life skills, healthy living and arts and crafts. The program is especially geared for those needing meaningful activity before night shelters open.

Bible Study: On Thursday mornings, guests gather in our hospitality room to read from the Bible, finding support and meaning in their daily struggles.

Circle Worship: A retired Roman Catholic priest twice monthly leads an ecumenical worship circle in our dining room. Guests reflect on a Biblical passage, sing hymns and pray together.

Substance Abuse Support Group: Weekly, a substance abuse counselor gathers with guests struggling with addictions and explores healthy alternatives to drugs and alcohol.

Social Activities: Guests find a sense of belonging and community through a variety of activities and trips such as summer visits to the beaches in Little Compton and Narragansett and holiday gatherings on Easter and Christmas.


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