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McAuley Village

Our Mission:

McAuley Village is two year family-building transitional housing program for homeless single parents and children. The Village has 23 apartments and an on-site Child Care Learning Center. We provide the basic human needs of shelter, child care, supportive services, advocacy and guidance to homeless families seeking help.

We seek to take financially poor single parents from a life of dependence on welfare to one of independence by offering on-site day care facilities, twenty-four hour security, mentoring, life management skills training, social services, resources and referrals for housing and job placement.

The Village challenges itself and those in society to help homeless single parents become independent and self-sufficient supporters of their families. Supportive programs are tailored to individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and have different levels of preparation. Some cannot read or speak English when they arrive.

Sixty-five percent of parents who have lived in the Village in the past ten years have found jobs in fields such as engineering, nursing, banking and cosmetology. Some have started their own small businesses and several others have bought their own homes.

Our Residents:

McAuley Village Resident

Village residents have diverse backgrounds and different levels of preparation. Some residents did not graduate from high school. Others are victims of domestic violence and some are immigrant families. Whatever their backgrounds, all are homeless and living in desperate poverty.


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