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We offer one, two and three bedroom, fully-applianced apartments, and daily 24-hour security guards with security cameras and monitors.

While families live here, they are required to participate in a case management plan under the supervision of our Resident Service Coordinator, and they must utilize supportive services. Supportive services include:

Housing Advocate: Offering guidance in searching for affordable, permanent housing after the McAuley Village transitional program.

Financial Counselors: Offering money management guidance through a review of income and amounts of rent, loans, bills and other financial obligations, and setting up a weekly and monthly budget and payment plans.

Youth RAP Coordinator: Offering youth enrichment programs including field trips.

Mentors: Offering professional guidance and support for formerly homeless women and their children, including parenting skills and balancing work, school and families.

Welcome Home Teams: Groups of 4-6 individuals from schools, church and businesses clean, paint and prepare an apartment for a homeless family to quickly move in.

Tutors: Offering educational assistance for mothers studying for their GEDs and for children of non-English speaking parents or mothers with limited educational backgrounds.

Mother Helpers: College students and high school seniors assist with babysitting while mothers attend workshops. They also provide homemaking support such as organizing cupboards and closets, helping with laundry, reading to young children and assisting children with homework assignments.


Who can apply to live at McAuley Village: Any single parent who has children not older than ten-years-old when applying. These families must be homeless, willing and able to go to work and/or school or be in a job training program, and participate in a case management program designed for their specific needs.

How much is the rent: The rent is subsidized by Rhode Island Housing’s RoadHome program. Residents must pay 30% of their total monthly income (FIP, employment, SSI, DSI, child support, etc.) or pay $50 monthly if they should suddenly lose their job or all monetary support. All utilities are included.

How can I apply: Interested single parents must first come to McAuley Village for an Orientation meeting with our Resident Service Coordinator. The hour-long meeting is usually held every other Wednesday at 1 p.m. at McAuley Village. Call to confirm meeting date and to advise if an interpreter is needed. The Resident Service Coordinator will explain eligibility requirements and give out application forms. A Rhode Island Housing RoadHome case manager is usually also available to offer homeless verification in-takes for subsidy eligibility.

How long do I have to wait: The wait depends on the length of names on our waiting lists for a one-bedroom (for single parents with an infant child), two-bedroom (for single parents with two children), three bedroom for single parents with two to four children). Applicants who return completed forms and all required information are placed ahead of others whose files are not complete, and the list moves in order of application date. The wait can be anywhere from three weeks to one-and-a-half years. Since this is a two-year program, the list usually moves quickly.

What kind of help can I get when living at the Village: We offer supportive services, including case management, a housing advocate who assists with finding permanent housing financial counselors, a youth enrichment program, mentoring, tutoring, mothers helpers, and a licensed year-round Child Care Center for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years old (DHS subsidy accepted), with nurse on duty daily. We also offer referrals to state and local offices and non-profit agencies providing educational, employment, health, counseling, housing, and other services.


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