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    Donald P. Wolfe

    Celebrating Gladys Hall

    One name synonymous with the McAuley House spirit of hospitality is Gladys Hall. This amazing woman has been with us since our beginning; first as a volunteer, then as a full-time cook, a part-time kitchen worker, and now back as a volunteer. Gladys is a former resident of our neighborhood and owner of a variety store in Providence’s West End. Gladys so deeply loves and believes in the mission of McAuley House that she has been associated with us through 8 directors and all three of our locations.

    As recently as this past December, Gladys took up her customary spot in our dining room every Thursday and Friday, watching over our guests and delivering the prayer before meals. She’d also often sing her favorite song, “This Little Light of Mine.”

    Last month, at the age of 95, Gladys came back to visit us and to share her light as we celebrated her years of service with a special gift from the Sisters of Mercy. Gladys was presented with the Sisters’ “Heart of Mercy” plaque by Sister Irene. The afternoon was full of touching stories and warm remembrances of the many years Gladys has shared with her McAuley House family.

    As Sister Joan offered Gladys up in prayer and praise, she led us in Gladys’ favorite song…with a few small changes: “This Big Heart of Mine, I’m Going to let it Shine…” Thank you Gladys; may God be with you always!


    Exciting News: Child Care Learning Center Opens 2nd Toddler Room

    Ateach of our ministries, we pride ourselves in the ability to constantly adapt to meeting the changing needs of our community and those we serve. Nowhere has this been more evident than at our Child Care Learning Center.

    Over the past year, there has been a growing demand for the high-quality child care and early education we provide our toddler-aged children, but there was only one problem—our Toddler Room was at full capacity. Well, that’s no longer the case!

    After having several toddlers on our enrollment waiting list, we’re excited to announce that we’ve opened a second Toddler Room at the CCLC! Now we will be able to provide great care to even more young children. Best of all, we have openings to enroll new children, and we encourage anyone interested to contact Rev. Michele Matott, Child Care Director, at (401) 467-3630 ext. 10 or mmatott@mcauleyri.org


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