Success Stories

Success Stories

McAuley House


Meet Soly & Her Family

Soly, a 24-year-old woman, showed up at McAuley House with her infant daughter in her arms and her husband and brother-in-law by her side. They drove to Rhode Island from Pennsylvania, leaving three other children behind with their grandmother as Soly’s husband, Robert, and his brother were promised jobs in jewelry manufacturing.


When the men arrived at the employer, they were told they needed a BCI check to begin working; but they had no extra money or means to secure the paperwork. The family also needed a place to sleep, but found no room in local shelters and a waiting list of 8-weeks. With no place to go, the family spent nights in their car until they found McAuley House.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Social Service Team was able to address the immediate needs of this stranded family by giving them formula, diapers and an infant carrier for the baby; food, coats and toiletries for the adults; and gift cards to local stores and pharmacies.


Robert and his brother were helped to get to the police department and given money orders to pay for their BCI checks. Connections were made with the employer, who started the men at work immediately. And a long ago friend of the family was found and they were offered a temporary place to stay.


McAuley House remains here for this family, welcoming them for meals and offering guidance as they search for the right living situation. We all pray that the family will remain together, continue working, and settle in so the rest of their children can move here to live with them once again.


Meet Carmello

Carmello is a soft-spoken and motivated 61-year-old gentleman anxiously anticipating his next birthday so he can begin receiving his social security benefits—which will provide him with financial security and affordable housing. He stays at a different emergency shelter night-to-night, staying wherever he can find an open bed. Occasionally, Carmello is fortunate enough to sleep on the couch of an acquaintance.


Each morning, Carmello begins his day with a cup of coffee and pastry at McAuley House, staying in the background of the bustle of the breakfast hour, occasionally sharing a conversation in Spanish with other guests.


Carol, a member of our Social Service Team, began working with Carmello after he approached her with a need for work boots so he could work as a temporary general day laborer. Regularly walking several miles each day to find work, Carmello explained that he had lost out on other temporary positions because he did not have boots. We gave Carmello work boots, and a monthly bus pass through a transportation grant we received.


Now able to work regularly when day positions are available, Carmello is working with Carol to fill out housing and employment applications for jobs that would provide him with more hours. He also diligently forges ahead with learning more English, his second language.


We are confident that Carmello’s strength and determination—and the helping hands that lift him up at McAuley House—will indeed assist in creating a happy ending to his frustrating journey of homelessness and limited income.


McAuley Village


Meet Jazmine

After moving into McAuley Village, Jazmine applied for an administrative assistant position. From the get-go, she was ready to succeed and change her life.


Jazmine came to her interview professionally dressed after visiting our “Dress for Success” Boutique. She quickly learned the basics of working in an office, from filing and greeting visitors to taking phone calls and working with a computer.


Today, for the first time in her life, Jazmine is employed. But not only is she employed, she is working full-time for a large, national company. This past February, Jazmine and her two children moved into permanent housing.


As she turned in her McAuley Village keys, she said, “Thank you for believing in me. I never would be working, or have a home to call my own, if it weren’t for McAuley Village.”



Meet Marleny

Marleny was determined to make a better life for herself and her daughter. She chose the accounting path and immediately enrolled in classes. When it came time for the internship program selection process, Marleny stood out for her desire and work ethic and was chosen as an administrative assistant at McAuley Village.


With flying colors, Marleny excelled at her internship, and quickly became an asset. She began training other hospitality staff, improved service, and performed a wide-range of office duties. Marleny did so well, she was hired as part of our staff. But, Marleny didn’t stop there.


She continued to build her resume by advancing in her college courses, and refining her skills. Marleny left McAuley Village with permanent housing and a full-time job at a local business. She is on track to graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in accounting.


“None of what I’ve been able to accomplish would have been possible without McAuley Village,” says Marleny. “They taught me that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. Thanks to the education program and McAuley Works, my daughter and I have a bright future ahead of us.”


The Warde-robe


Meet Maria

Maria has been coming to The Warde-robe every Saturday for the past 15-years. She arrives when the thrift store opens at 11:00 a.m., and stays until it closes at 2:45 p.m. She spends her time looking through the clothing and household items with great determination. Maria knows that the $20.00 she has to spend on herself and her 9-year-old grandson, and the household items she purchases, must be necessary. Because of her poverty, Maria could not get by without the help of The Warde-robe. “We are grateful for the generous and compassionate donations we receive throughout the year that help to sustain us, so we can serve people like Maria,” says Donna Benetti, Administrator of The Warde-robe.



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Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Social Service Team was able to address the immediate needs of this stranded family by giving them formula, diapers and an infant carrier for the baby; food, coats and toiletries for the adults; and gift cards to local stores and pharmacies.