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What's New

Nurse Margaret a Blessing for McAuley Ministries


Those who depend on McAuley Ministries know that we offer a wide range of programs and Social Services designed to help the most vulnerable among us. One of these critical areas, basic health checks, is being provided by Nurse Margaret Neubauer.


Nurse Margaret visits McAuley House one morning each month to offer health services to our guests. She checks blood pressures and monitors weights, and assists guests in setting important health goals. She also answers medication questions, makes referrals to doctor’s offices, and helps to make connections to community resources. Additionally, Margaret conducts an afternoon program each month called “Healthy Habits with Margaret,” where she discusses nutrition—tying in our Healing Foods Project information—along with exercise and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle like ways to eliminate stress.


At McAuley Village, Margaret’s role is Nurse Consultant. She is available to the parents and the children in Childcare, as well as to staff, to answer questions and make suggestions or recommendations, and to check on the overall well-being of the children. She also reviews records to ensure that the children are in compliance with health and safety regulations.


Margaret also provides outreach to the residents of McAuley Village. She visits with the moms and children, and shares her wealth of knowledge, both as a healthcare provider and as a parent. She makes connections to pediatricians, dentists, health insurance and primary care providers. But above all, Margaret is caring and compassionate, and maintains the Mercy Spirit while providing gentle advice and reassurance to all who cross her path.


In February, Margaret offered a six-week parenting course at McAuley Village. As part of the course, she equipped the moms with a thermometer; one of the most important items all parents should have. With new moms expected at McAuley Village in the coming months, Nurse Margaret is hoping to also provide thermometers to our new residents. She recommends the Braun BFH-125 forehead thermometer (available at Walmart and on Amazon) and is hoping our generous donor community is able to help. If you can help to provide one, please contact Rev. Michele Matott at mmatott@mcauleyri.org.



Meet Andrés F. Montoya, the New Administrator of The Warde-robe


We at McAuley Ministries are pleased to announce that Andrés F. Montoya has been hired as the new Administrator of The Warde-robe, our thrift store ministry in Central Falls. He joined our team this past February following the retirement of Donna Benetti.


As Administrator, Andrés manages the daily operations of The Warde-robe and is responsible for arranging sales and special promotions that will benefit the low-income community. He also oversees the store’s part-time staff and volunteers, and reaches out to generous donors and churches to seek gently-used items needed by customers.


Andrés accepted the Administrator position after searching for an opportunity that would enable him to make a difference in the lives of others. He is deeply committed to ministering to a diverse community and meeting the needs of those who shop at The Warde-robe.


A resident of Pawtucket, Andrés is familiar with the community he serves. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, which has enabled him to enhance the service of The Warde-robe to the many Hispanic families who visit the store.



Once You've Served Lunch on Us, You're Hooked: By Melanie Coon, Managing Director, Internal Communications, BCBSRI


The routine is familiar: wash hands, don apron and gloves, and await instructions from the crew chief. We're here again at McAuley House for Lunch on Us, ready to start serving.


While Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island employees volunteer at McAuley year-round, June is the month that our company underwrites the cost of lunch for McAuley guests. To make that contribution more meaningful, all of us at BCBSRI are especially encouraged to volunteer during the June lunch service. Because McAuley has a deep bench of loyal volunteers, or "regulars," there are only about four spots available for BCBSRI associates every day. And I can tell you, as soon as the call goes out for Lunch on Us volunteers, the spots are filled - you have to be quick on the draw to sign up! Once you've served Lunch on Us, you're hooked!

Our partnership with McAuley is a natural. BCBSRI has been here for Rhode Islanders for nearly 80 years, and our CEO, Kim Keck, likes to say that community service is in our company DNA. Ask any employee the top reason they are proud to work at BCBSRI and you will get the same answer: our strong connection to all of the communities in our state.


More specifically, we understand the importance of providing nutritious meals to people who might not have easy access to healthy food or to a place where they can prepare a meal. Good nutrition is essential to good health - and our company is passionate about helping Rhode Islanders become healthy and stay healthy. Lunch on Us ensures that at least once a day Rhode Islanders from underserved and under-resourced neighborhoods can sit down to a filling and delicious meal. It's not a panacea by any stretch, but it can make a difference.


Where the difference really comes into play is this: Lunch on Us is about much more than lunch. Which is why so many of us vie for those coveted volunteer spots.


When the first group of guests is seated, everyone joins in prayer and sometimes song. Highlights of afternoon programming are announced. These pre-lunch rituals add a little joy to what is almost certainly a challenging day. Many guests are clearly struggling with physical and behavioral health problems. Some walk in carrying - or wearing - their life's possessions. Some are moms with small children. But at McAuley, everyone - no matter their circumstances - is treated with dignity, respect, and kindness. Plenty of compassion, but no pity. No one is rushed through the meal. The dining room is a safe, judgment-free zone.


Lifting people's spirits is a special expertise of McAuley Ministries. It's a gift the McAuley staff and regulars freely give to their guests. And all they ask in return is that guests enjoy the food and fellowship of Lunch on Us. That's an experience we can all benefit from sharing and passing along.


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