They Took Our Home!

Jun 28, 2022

Shannon and her boyfriend had been guests of McAuley House for about a year before the pandemic hit. Before they were homeless, they were living in an apartment they were struggling to make payments for. They found themselves setting up an encampment area near a Salvation Army, for which they received permission from the Providence Police Department.

 Making the best of their situation, they managed to get a tent big enough to furnish with a sofa, chair, and a blow-up mattress. Others began setting up tents in the same location and they found themselves surrounded by neighbors. It looked like life was starting to look up for them.

One day, they had returned to the “home” they’d managed to eke out, only to find it had been illegally bulldozed and destroyed by a local business. In one day, with no notice, they lost everything they took so long to rebuild.

Feeling sad and hopeless, Shannon and her neighbors came to McAuley House for their regular breakfast. Upon arrival, Shannon talked with the Administrator, Yvette, and explained the hardship they had just faced. Quickly acting, Yvette teamed up with our case manager, Rochelle, to provide the group with two tents, sleeping bags, and toiletries for all.

With the generous donations from donors like you, we were able to provide these folks with a temporary roof over their heads and we’ll continue to help them until they have the security of a stable home.

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